Old age is not is sickness

The meaning of old age

Aging is a biological, natural and universal process, which applies to any living creature. On the one hand, the attitude towards aging is highly subjective and depends on society and on personal needs. On the other hand, the attitude of the aged is related to his or her feelings of being productive, that s/he is needed, and the respect and treatment given by his or her family.

According to legends, books and films, every old person belongs to one of the prototypes characterizing this age group. Sometimes, s/he is rich and miserly, a tyrannical, wicked, bitter soul who estranges him/herself from his or her family, drives his or her workers crazy and threatens to exclude his or her family from his or her will. At other times, s/he is poor, lonely, neglected, homeless and penniless, submerged in depression and longing for the family that abandoned him. In real life, an old person is first of all a human being.


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