Beliefs in Reincarnation and the Power of Fate

This study investigated the influence of the belief in reincarnation
(BR) and in the power of fate (BPF) as potential coping resources
in the shadow of loss and bereavement. Ninety bereaved parents,
Jews and Druze (a sect that diverged from Islam in the 11th
century), whose sons were killed in military action participated
in this study. Druze respondents endorsed a belief in reincarnation
more strongly than Jews. Druze were also far more fatalistic than
their Jewish counterparts and expressed a stronger belief in the
power of fate. More Jews than Druze expressed difficulties accepting
their son’s death and believing he was gone. Druze parents
reported experiencing significantly less helplessness, guilt, and
anger compared to Jewish controls. The value of enhanced cultural
awareness during psychotherapy in a rapidly changing, multicultural
world is discussed.



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